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  LOKASI :  Jakarta Barat

  AKTIVITAS :  18/01/2022


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Autogate Folding Gate Pedestrian Gate Metal Detector CCTV Alarm Tripod Turnstile Flap Barrier Swing Gate Fullheight Turnstile
  • Whites GMT Gold Master Metal Detector Underground Bawah Tanah Emas

Whites GMT Gold Master Metal Detector Underground Bawah Tanah Emas

Update Terakhir
01 / 12 / 2019
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1 Set
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Rp. 11.000.000
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Rp. 12.000.000
PT. Avematic Security adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang Autogate dan Peralatan keamanan..
Produk kami adalah Automation Gate dengan merek Daspi buatan Italy. .
Juga CCTV Kamera . Access Control dan Biometric Finger Print, Burglar Alarm , Metal Detector
HP saya di 0812 1818 735 Kantor 021 5679705 atau di email : [email protected]

Detail Whites GMT Gold Master Metal Detector Underground Bawah Tanah Emas

Untuk melihat videonya di :
http: / / gmt.html

The GMT™ Metal Detector simplifies the tough task of ignoring the harsh ground minerals found in gold-bearing areas. Whether you' re brand new to searching for gold, or own another metal detector, the GMT™ metal detector raises the standard for electronic prospecting. The GMT' s Fast AutoTrac® cancels ground mineralization faster and more accurately than ever before. One or two quick pumps and the ground is gone! There are now 3 ways to I.D. iron without losing sensitivity or depth. Use the distinctive bar graph alone or in combination with the new iron audio signal. You' ve got options and you choose what' s right for you.

The goldmaster latest member in its long line of successful detectors is the gmt. This machine has a iron grunt and 48khz of detecting power. If the machine passes over a nail it grunts and displays on a lcd screen a iron probability graph, that graph has to be over 75 percent to make machine grunt, once again if it is that high i dont dig target. coins come up on graph as 0 and most trash like caps come up around 15. Gold detecting is its main purpose. take it old workings which are full of nails . Most pi metal detectors owners wont detect their due to nails. So you will find the gold the others have ignored. it is a light machine and easy to cart up mountain sides, no heavy backpacks or batteries to lug around. also is very sensitive, my wife lost her nose stud, is very tiny. I tried my pinpointer probe on the carpet first and found nothing, i put the gmt on the carpet and in first minute it had found the nose stud. A great machine for gold hunting, a bit to much trash around to really coin hunt with her but her game is gold hunting ! By Jack Beltane Australia http: / / user/ jacktreasurehunter? feature= mhee

Whites have created a legend in the GMT. Super sensitive with the ability to detect .01gm crumbs of gold! Its iron discrim ability is quite good as well. Its best feature is the ' fast autotrack' ground balance. Once you learn how to use it properly, and learn WHERE to use it, its a deadly unit for finding small gold that all PI metal detectors cannot hear.
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