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  LOKASI :  Jakarta Barat

  AKTIVITAS :  18/01/2022


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Autogate Folding Gate Pedestrian Gate Metal Detector CCTV Alarm Tripod Turnstile Flap Barrier Swing Gate Fullheight Turnstile

Flap barrier type MTC-6809 Automatic

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01 / 12 / 2019
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1 Unit


PT. Avematic Security adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang Autogate dan Peralatan keamanan..
Produk kami adalah Automation Gate dengan merek Daspi buatan Italy. .
Juga CCTV Kamera . Access Control dan Biometric Finger Print, Burglar Alarm , Metal Detector
HP saya di 0812 1818 735 Kantor 021 5679705 atau di email : [email protected]

Detail Flap Barrier Type MTC-6809 Automatic

Function features: - With function of self-examine and alarm, it is convenient for maintenance and use. - Being able to program running status by the small keyboard in the main board - Flap door will stop moving when it is being blocked, which prevents pedestrians from being nipped and from hurt. - Light and sound alarm is generated when the illegal invasion and the tail followed. - Arms are automatically locked untill opening signal is received. - Arms synchronization ( adjustable) - Automatically reset function: It will automatically lock if the pedestrian hasn’ t pass through the channel in the pre-set time after the opening. The passing time is adjustable.( default time is 10sec.) - Automatically open the gate when power off and automatically close when power on. - Several readers devices are attachable.( IC, ID access control, fingerprint access control, barcode ticket access control, facial identification access control, time attendance machine ect.) - One direction/ bi-direction are option - Normally open/ normally closed option - It can be directly controlled and managed by remote computer Extendable functions: - Counter( optional) - The length of the housing ( length 1.2m, 1.4m, or 1.6m are optional ) - The material of flap arm ( acrylic glass, resin, PVC etc. optional) - The colour of the flap arm ( red, blue, yellow, colourless, etc.) Technical specification: - Materials: Housing: 304 grade stainless steel or Painted Steel - Flap door: Acrylic glass, or Resin, or PVC - Barrier wing: length-285mm; thickness-18mm - Standard passage width: 550mm - Power supply: AC85-240V 50Hz, or 60Hz - Motor: DC24V - Input interface: Dry contact signal or 12V electric level signal or DC12V pulse signal with width of more than 100ms, Driving current: > 10mA - Normal life-span: 3million times - Communication interface: RS485( standard distance less than 1200metres) - Transit speed: 30-40 persons/ min - Time for opening or closeing: 1 seconds - Starting time after power is on: 3 secconds - Automatic reset time after fault: 10seconds - Working environment: Indoor, outdoor( with a tent over) - Temperature: -10À ¥ — — 50À ¥ - Relative humidity: d90% no condensation. access control
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