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  AKTIVITAS :  18/01/2022


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Autogate Folding Gate Pedestrian Gate Metal Detector CCTV Alarm Tripod Turnstile Flap Barrier Swing Gate Fullheight Turnstile
  • Access Control
  • Converter Interface RS485 atau RS422 atau TLL ke RS232

Converter Interface RS485 atau RS422 atau TLL ke RS232

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Rp. 600.000
PT. Avematic Security adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang Autogate dan Peralatan keamanan..
Produk kami adalah Automation Gate dengan merek Daspi buatan Italy. .
Juga CCTV Kamera . Access Control dan Biometric Finger Print, Burglar Alarm , Metal Detector
HP saya di 0812 1818 735 Kantor 021 5679705 atau di email : [email protected]

Detail Converter Interface RS485 Atau RS422 Atau TLL Ke RS232

Product Description Technical grade optical isolation interface converter of PC-R245T concurrently with RS-232/ RS-422/ RS-485 standard can convert RS-232 signal of single end into RS-422 or RS-485 signal of balanced difference. Its inner optical isolation interface converter and DC/ DC direct current regulated converter can offer isolation voltage of 3500V; quick transience voltage suppresser( TVS) may effectively suppress lightning; and 600W lightning and surge protective power of each line input by ESD may effectively prevent from lightning and disturbance of common place. RS-232 interface connects with computer serial port through a linker with a DB9 female din, with RS-422/ RS-485 end connecting with computer through DB9 pinhead or six-digit connecting terminal convenient to plug in or draw out. Due to the fact that RS-485 supports double line half duplex, namely, data shall be both sent and received through the only two lines of RS-485, handshaking signal usually controls the direction in which data is sent, and the circuit inside PC-R245T optical isolation interface converter may apperceive data flow direction and switch enable control automatically. A RS-485 network can be formed conveniently without any handshaking signals; and the RS-485 enable control is completely transparent, dispensed with modifying any software for the past operation method based on RS-232. PC-R245T optical isolation interface converter may offer reliable connection for communications from one point to one point or one point to points, and the latter allows connecting with 32 RS-422 or RS-485 interface equipments, with speed of data communication from 300 to 115.2KBPS: The three indicator lights indicate communication circumstance of data flow timely, and the supported communication method includes conversions from RS-232 to RS-422 and from RS-232 to RS-485. It is widely used in industrial automatic control system, one card universal gate inhibition system, park system, automatic bank system, bus charging system, restaurant sale system, personnel attendance management system, highway toll station system etc. Specifications Dimensions : 115( L) x 78( W) x 31( H) mm / 4.5( L) x 3.1( W) x 1.2( H) inch Transmission media : Shielded Twisted Pair. Work mode : full-duplex or half-duplex Signal indication : three indicator lights TXD, RXD, POWER Protection degree : 1500W lightening strike and surge power of each line. Transmission speed : 300~ 115.2Kbps Transmission distance : 0~ 1KM Environment for application Temperature : from 0~ 50 ; relative humidity : from 5 ~ 95% Can connect up to 32 devices.
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